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The New Madrid Fault Line

The New Madrid Fault Line based in St. Louis in the USA comprises brothers Cody and Brandon Petit alongside Spencer Yates. They are painters of music, taking whatever comes to hand and mind to create psychedelic gaze to caress the ears.

The New Madrid Fault Line

The New Madrid Fault Line

The loose-knit notes which lope out of the speakers gently massage the brain with a slightly eerie sense of fore-boding. The vocal melds in to become another blurred instrument to the over all effect of the song being delivered.

As with many psychedelic bands, there is a sense of floating, yet in this instance it isn’t in warming comfort, rather in a wet moss as The New Madrid Fault Line play with the senses, keeping the listener slightly on edge, this is not a failure, it is in fact their great strength and adds to the sense of involvement by the audience.

The monotone carries a disturbance, which the band uses effectively to deliver their experimental take on psychedelia.


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