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The Midnight Ghost Train

The Midnight Ghost Train is a delta blues rock trio from Topeka in the USA. Steve Moss (guitar / vocals), Brandon Burghart (drums) and fresh off the blocks yet to be announced A.N.Other (Bass) draw references from heavy rock and Metal.

The Midnight Ghost Train

The Midnight Ghost Train

Ever changing as a line-up but ever surrounding the founder Steve, the band has a new LP – Buffalo released on the 31st July 2012 on which David Kimmell  played Bass. Aptly named on so many levels. The band was created by Steve after the death of a great friend of his John Goff on 1st August 2007 and continues with ringing endorsements from his father prior to his death. Ever touring across the USA and annually emerging across Europe like that never ceasing railway-line and to top it all the music is dark, earthy and rampaging.

There is little that you will hear currently that will want you to dive off the stage in to the mosh-pit more than this out-put. Sans finesse or apology, this is mood music wrenched out of the soul and delivered on a blooded plate. Massive distortion screws the guitar to a wailing banshee, whilst gouging-tool vocal, rips chunks out of the ears and an omnipresent percussion and bass chew the linings of the membrane.

Delightfully and unexpectedly The Midnight Ghost Train also suddenly able to  teeter along as if training on stilettos with a delicate instrumentation whilst the searing vocal is left to sear a burning scar across the forehead.

Even if you don’t think heavy metal riffs are for you and more than it is for me. I do suggest taking time to get to grips with the superb 8 track LP Buffalo. The back-story fits superbly.


Thanks to Mat at Karate Body Records or working with me on this… I know it has taken me a fair old while and tested your patience.

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