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The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits is a band that has been around since 2007 when Brian Dale Allen Strouse (Guitar/Vocals), Brendan Cunningham (Bass), Vanessa Winters (Vocals), Josh Friedman (Drums) and Noah Skaroff (Banjo / Guitar / Slide and more) from New Hope in the USA got together to form the indie-folk sound with which they have become synonymous.

The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits

Referencing the vocals and sound would be a little too obvious, but far more than reminders, The Lawsuits offer a fresh perspective which resonates with the listener of today.

The band offer some twists to the classic folk constructions as the range of vocal with the two vocalists is able to explore a wide musical sound-scape, this allied with a plethora of instrumentation creates the real value of the band. It is all well and good being able to switch moods, but it needs to be supported by a strength of song composition and the band tick the boxes.

Whilst this won’t ever sit as natural territory for me, I found myself drifting along with the music as it lends a lyric steeped in the necessary angst and a musical structure that utilises the breadth of abilities at hand to lift the sounds high above the anticipated. The sweeping rhythms are given the room to develop their potential as the band confidently permit the sound to become permeated with switches in direction which is a pleasure to the ear.

Whilst not challenging the anticipated song construction, through the well written material, The Lawsuits bring the whole effect bang up to date. With a number of releases behind them there is a new release –  Hot Love - due out on 2nd April 2012.


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