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The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting is a five piece indie band from Nashville in the USA. Garreth, Mark, Chris, Kyle and Dave 4ever push out some high energy indie with distinctive New Wave influences.

The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting

Pounding across the room is the sound of 315 Bowery, Manhattan and as regular readers of the website will know when CBGB’s reminiscences explode around my ears, we are in to a special space. There is a superb 7 track EP coming out on 16th February entitled *, which will be well worth taking time to add to the play list.

The Joy of Painting have condensed five musicians to an essential core, with each player taking a distinct role and here we have the construct which makes sense to my ears. The music has an urgency, whilst simultaneously taking the time to draw the ears in to the space. The clarity of the music is the engaging focal point as five musicians are permitted to power their way in to the room, yet there is not a confusion of sound.

Whilst, I am engaged by the faster numbers the band is equally capable of slowing the tempo to sloth’s pace and still generating a powerful construct, which in many ways far better encapsulates the capabilities of the musicians.

That said, on a personal level No Bones takes the top note on Asterisk, but don’t think these guys are as steeped in New York in the ’70s as I am, they have updated the out-put to a relevance for this decade. I particularly enjoy the Clash references.


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