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The Ill Funk Ensemble

The Ill Funk Ensemble is a groove funk hip-hop outfit from New York in the USA. Having started life back in 2006 - Jermaine Wells (Lead vocals /freestyle), BJ FitzGerald (Guitar / vocals), Duane Etienne (Bass / vocals), Joe Stoner (Keyboards / vocals) and Dennis Brooks (Drums / vocals) have remained committed and dedicated to releasing a sound that resonates in their hearts.

The Ill Funk Ensemble

The Ill Funk Ensemble

It is still Sunday as I write from an early start and 14 hours later I still find myself reading emails with that chill-out zone around them, which has been my staple fare for today and it feels so in the zone.

The plethora of sounds that emerge in to the room just make life feel even better. Marshmallows fly on collision courses and land with a softening and delightful resonance, like that feeling of popping bubble wrap, it just feels good, for no reason other than it feels good. Music is such an emotional space in which to live that one day I would pass this by with nary a care, but today, it sits as a must have and such is the battle musicians have to wrestle, the emotional context of the listener out of their control. But one thing I have learnt as a music fan over more decades than I care to remember, don’t discard it on day one, but come back to it and you may well find the synapses are absolutely dancing in line.

This is an impressively competent group of musicians and it is with delight that I find myself in the space of The Ill Funk Ensemble. Generously composed material crashes against shard of glass lyric and rather than cutting the feet, it falls to form petals over which to walk. Incredibly talented and with a tremendous wealth of talent to add to the world of music, but challenging, which I guess is the difference between six years of creating superb music and going on a lack of talent show to enunciate words.


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