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The Guru

The Guru is an indie-pop band from Watertown in the USA. The quartet of Eddie Golden IIIDan GeorgeColin Sullivan and Kyle McEvoy have a couple of releases behind them, the most recent Indian Day came out ion February 2012.

The Guru

The Guru

You just kind of know you are in home-town USA when there is a Eddie Golden the third in the line-up. Mixing in americana rock with surf pop and a shuffle of experimental twists and we find a great space in which to spend some time.

The band is aiming to have fun and you know what, that is exactly what pours out of the speakers, a bag of shiny jelly-beans in which to revel and the sound is infectious. Whilst not sophisticated The Guru manage to add a twist to the music with some really engaging guitar sections. This is a pleasure and an absolute master class in paring it all back, adding some decent instrumentalists to quirky rhythms, trickle in straight forward lyrics and blend it all with a smiling disposition, the result being a good time for the audience.


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