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The Glass Canoe

The Glass Canoe from San Diego in the USA formed back in 2009 to unleash to the world an emergent psychedelic-pop through the line up of David KorriganMax O’ReillyBlake La Grange and Drew Galindo.

The Glass Canoe

The Glass Canoe

Reminders of live-aid come wondering out of the trails of my mind as I take a listen to The Glass Canoe, whilst fuzzy compositions trip in to my ears. The band imaginatively span the chasm betwixt the psychotropic and pop with wafts of kaftan sleeves to spare. Almost a year ago, I was sent an introduction, complete with the latest LP, which still remains the latest release, so we are not too far behind the rope.

Playing around with song constructs, The Glass Canoe is able to capture the sentience of pop and wrap it in to an even more shiny wrapper, ably assisted by references to the most introspective of the ’60s festival psychedelia. This a delightful space on which to alight any hour, or day of week, as the wash of the similtude of sounds encompass a breaking Severn Bore.

The juxtapositions surprisingly steady the ear and the eucalyptus warmth wraps the head in a space of comfort.


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