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The Barbarellatones

The Barbarellatones from Hollywood in the USA has all you ever need from gothabilly as Robbie Quine, David Arnson, Roy Staley, Aniela Perry, Baxter and  Sean Cyanide vamp it up.

The Barbarellatones

The Barbarellatones

Sometimes music is just meant to be fun and it is of no surprise that The Barbarellatones has covered Timewarp. Centred around Robbie Quine the line-up is somewhat flexible. Whilst I can’t hand on heart say I will play this everyday, I can assure you when I want to slough off the day to day grime and revel in a sleaze-fest I can think of no better space to head. Equally so when I want to consider the angsts of the human condition.

Of similar little shock, their music has been licensed with films in the genres of : Soft porn; Surf and Horror. Unction of  massage oil is liberally smeared as within an orgy and so the party plays. Whilst the material is suitably superficial on the ears, to actually write and deliver this music takes a degree of skill, else it becomes mass of writhing noise distracting from the purpose and The Barbarellatones deliver these carefully constructed compositions every-time.

Underneath the layer of slippery and theatrical veneer lies a depth of emotional turmoil, as commonly found in many of the most creative minds.

This is a must for any serious music fan, just slice away the frontispiece and you will find a pained space.


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