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The Aster Pheonyx Project

The Aster Pheonyx Project is an alternative rock band from New Jersey in the USA. A five piece line-up comprising Aster Pheonyx (Guitar /Vocals/ Piano), Carolyn Marosy (Lead Guitar), Audra Thomas (Bass), Yvette Scott (Drums) and Vanessa Anderson (Backup Vocals).

The Aster Pheonyx Project

The Aster Pheonyx Project

Alternative Rock can mean so much, in this instance it means some great rock and roll with a touch of classics. Raucous sounds are replaced by genuinely composed material which is then transliterated back to full power and hurtled out of the speakers, The Aster Pheonyx Project can also slow down the mood completely to deliver soulful led lyrical gentleness and each iteration retains an earthy genuine grit to it that captivates the listener.

I have had the opportunity to hear both studio and live recordings and in each environment there is a strength and power that underlies the material and captures the essence of rock whilst adding a palette of colour that raises the sounds above the clutch of bands in the arena. It isn’t that they have reinvented anything, rather repositioned it to a more emotionally contextual place. The essential riffs which captivates fans of rock and the and power drums remain central to the sound, but they have added an accent which will also draw in a wider fan-base.

It is the ability and desire to draw on a range of different song structures with alternative strings to lead the way, that makes this such an interesting band.

website (music immediately plays on opening the link).

Blizzards and Broken Hearts is available on Blizzards and Broken Hearts - EP - The Aster Pheonyx Project*

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