The Antics

The Antics -  Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Kyle Hammerschmidt (bass) and Josh Reitan (drums) – is a garage rock band from New Jersey in the USA.

The Antics

The Antics

Originally formed in 2009 under the name Swimming With Piranhas by Josh and Luke - after line-up changes the band has settled comfortably in to the new line-up and band name, which is more reflective of the personalities in The Antics. There is a boisterous infectiousness that bounds across the room like a puppy as the music emerges.

This is hitting darts of a sound I like to hear – songs with simple constructs that rely absolutely on the energy that can be transmitted through the music, not by turning up the volume but, by its sheer escarpments, so I find The Antics.

The songs are brief and to the point. From time to time they stretch the material to extrapolate a refrain, but in general there is a metronomic direction of travel that the quartet deliver with precision and enthusiasm. The subsumed mix is a genuine reflective of where the band sit and I get the feeling – live or recorded there is nary an ant scratch of difference and the band seek to reflect on the very essence of their material.

There is something about Garage Rock that sits so well in my heart and I think it is that earnest and exposed delivery which is so open to criticism for its pure simplicity that either grabs the ears or leads to a missive of messages asking me if my tinnitus has got any better. The answer is no – but that doesn’t stop great skeletal music from being what is says on the tin.


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