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The Ambient Light

The Ambient Light is a dream rock outfit from San Gabriel Valley in the USA with the line up of Steven Martinez, Steve Lizarraga, Irvin Venedero and Chris Alvarez.

The Ambient Light - dream rock from the USA

The Ambient Light

 The Ambient Light take the listener on a journey cosseted in cotton wool as they bounce the ears around the theme park of transitions, always carefully handling the audience back to a place of safety as each track ends. That isn’t to say they won’t scoop you up in a majestic triumphalism of potentially scuffed arms as they stretch the material to a theme park experience.

Swooning guitars bear down on the ears in a polyptych of canvass as the quartet take the audience on a flight of fancy in which to revel in which side swipes of instrumentation flash past in a vortex of sound. They layer reverie upon dwam but always remain thoughtful of the direction of travel and it retains softer somnambulism in which all will be well in the end.

This is music in which to spend more than a single moment as the cumulation of the sounds finds The Ambient Lights make sense and much like the bands from which they are derived it is the full double, or even triple album in which this lies as a tale to tell as without the context much of the sense of the story being told which is without lyric is lost.

I recommend you set aside some time and space to make sense of The Ambient Light as without the full context, much like this review, it won’t make sense.


Nostalgia Trip – EP – The Ambient Light is available on iTunes*.

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