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The Active Set

The Active Set is an alternative indie band from Los Angeles in the USA. The three piece line-up is Matthew Stolarz (vocal / bass), Wayne Russell (guitar / vocal) and Francis Ramsden (guitar / keys / vocals). For live performances the band extends to five players with Keys – Damien Stolarz on Keys and Steve Coy on Drums.

The Active Set

The Active Set

Shiny surfaces reflect the clean sounds emanating from the speakers as the extensive experience gained by The Active Set is used to good effect. Suggestive of ’80s New Wave the music is brought up to date with ease. Whilst the music is clean and tidy it hasn’t lost its heart and soul as there is still an expressive core which resonates through the music and lyric, with both,  telling the same storyline.

Not overly relying on the keys, the band has, as its fulcrum guitar based rock, to which the keys add a further dimension of communication that melds well with the overall output. The compositions are given time to build their picture and although many of the tracks are fairly lengthy, the languid delivery suits well and the time flows past quickly. The melodies are given the opportunity to dwell on the ears before floating off in to the sky whilst a synergy between percussion and bass keep the tracks moving forward. The sounds themselves can be taken with the speakers turned high or nestled in the middle of the park and they work tidily in either mode.

The Active Set is fairly determinedly releasing new recordings whilst not neglecting their performance joie de vivre.


11 – The Active Set is available on iTunes*.

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  1. Armando says:

    Hey guys good morning i wanted to recommend the sullivans…great band great music for your blog….above you will find the link to their music i am also leaving the link to their facebook…let me know if you like ….thanks for your time


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