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Take One Car

Take One Car is based in Millerton in the USA, after four years of hard graft - Tyler Irish (vocals/guitar), Pete Scholes (guitar), Branden Waite (bass) and Ryan Saldariagga (drums) are well known on the travelling circuit as a genre defying – so let’s go with the generic – indie rock band.

Take One Car

Take One Car

For some reason, I thought Pea and Ham Soup, a hearty lunch for a cold day. I have mentioned before, I am sure, that these reviews are written on my first in-depth listening to a band, as it makes the whole review an honest thought process, you read what comes in to my head, not a 4th edit after hours of listening to albums, back-catalogue and various formats. As part of that process, when I come to adding an image to the article, which is done before the main body of the text, I have the music on and below where the image will sit, I write what ever is in my head and on this occasion it was Pea and Ham Soup. Take One Car plays a hearty mix of guitar led rock which stirs memories of long forgotten classics – hence Pea and Ham Soup – any way, enough of my head-space.

The band pull together disparate threads of thought and utilise their abilities as musicians to regurgitate this in the appropriate manner and as such they explore a range of tempo, construction and this lends Take One Car its disparate out-put. Wherever it lies, it doesn’t sound like the vocal was forced in to the music or vice-versa, they have the confidence and ability to explore the sound that makes most of the thought process and for this, I give a warm welcome to the band for the first time on the indie bands blog.

Sitting down to listen to the band is akin to going to a rock music festival, the sheer range of direction has a quick check to ensure this is just the one band. The commonality being the guitar led material and the over-all roll of the surf.

I would imagine it is this sheer depth of ability and fearless desire to capture the moment, which means that the band are set to release only their second LP after four years. Though I have not had the opportunity to see the band live, I anticipate it to be an engaging experience, which would drive the audience to want to hear them again, but from a more ‘career’ driven path one that would leave A&R Scouts lost in a whirl of confusion.


The new release – It’s Going To Be A Nice Day – is due out on February 21st which I hope to be able to review, that will explain the Pea and Ham Soup.

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