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Sunny Jackson

Sunny Jackson is a poetic beats hip-hop soloist from Los Angeles in the USA

Sunny Jackson

Sunny Jackson

I was wondering about writing about Sunny, not through his own fault, but simply every-time I come across rap, poetic beats and hip-hop I immediately reference John Cooper Clarke, which is a little like comparing Shakespeare to Keats, irrelevant but it lies in the head. The Parental Advisory I guess turns me away for a moment, but such is 2012. JCC still doesn’t bother with the trendy label, ouch too much, let’s look at Sunny Jackson and why I finally got to putting hand to keyboard.

This simple reason –  this an update of the world as it now stands. The angsts and angers gnaw in the skin like biting red ants, not to be ignored, but layered with a calmness and gravitas that demands an acceptance of this really is how it is. There is no diatribe of expletives, yes one or two slip in to the vernacular which suits admirably, emphasizing, not denigrating the point.

Time has found considerable value being added to the catalogue and the latest release finds Sunny Jackson in a vein I hope he continues.


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