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Sun Hotel

Sun Hotel is an indie-rock band from New Orleans in the USA. The quartet of Tyler Scurlock (Vocal / Guitar), Alex Hertz (guitar), John St. Cyr (bass) and Ross “Goldenface” Farbe (drums) after releases in 2009 and 2010 jointly set up a record label Chinquapin Records  which has steadily grown with like minded musicians.

Sun Hotel

Sun Hotel

Atmospherics is the hall-mark of Sun Hotel. Echo and reverb is accompanied by white-noise, whilst an evocative vocals lays on a veil of voile. The material draws on coming-of age angst, stirred within the chaos of a fast changing social landscape.

The music rumbles through the speakers as the drums add a sweeping statement of intent to the songs. There is an under-lying context of malcontent which is superbly framed by the mixing desk. It is of little surprise the band wanted to retain full control over their material through their own label as this process of production is an imperative step to the sonics of the band.

Sun Hotel suit reflective moments, where the sound-track would create a layer of sound to match the moment. The music has a haunting beauty that shakes the wistful reflections of life out in to the open.


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