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Stretford End

Stretford End are a three piece indie rock group from Hollywood in the USA. Alexander Millar (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards),  Joey Jane (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Prentice Daggs (Drums/Backing Vocals) have started to make some inroads in the world of music.

Stretford End

Stretford End

Stretford End, well I couldn’t leave without mentioning I was expecting some turgid band from Manchester trying to claim space on the back of United, but as a Millwall fan, that never was going to fill me with enthusiasm. So I was delighted to find out these guys are from Hollywood, where football is some game played in body protection.

The vocal immediately grabs attention and focus as it sits an octave higher above what is reasonable to expect (it must be something to do with the air in California). Then the drums, oh those drums – the tour de force for the band. No matter where they pitch their musical tent and they do have a fairly wide remit, the percussion leave the listener in no doubt which band is being played. Then we come to the bass and guitar,  well, well, they have the whole lot to a tee. All well and good as individual components, far more importantly these three play superbly together and so I find myself in good spirit as the volume gets cranked just a notch higher to wallow in the music.

But above all that, what I particularly appreciated was the fairly brutal video to accompany the track Cannibal. Many bands want to play the bad sort and then they come up with a perfectly – PR pitched inoffensive or ‘sex sells’ video – but not Stretford End, oh no, the video just wont make those plastic people with their plastic lives happy – well see what you think, but be aware this is probably an 18 rated video with violence and gore. (well let’s be honest as the nanny state refuses to be – plastic violence and plastic gore).

Stretford End – Cannibal (Uncensored Version) from Stretford End on Vimeo.


There is a censored version of the video, but the censoring is so clumsy it makes  for an even better cock-a-snook.

Cannibal is available from Cannibal - Single - Stretford End*

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