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Sink Swim

Sink Swim is an indie pop band from Newbury Park in the USA. The quartet of Dane Petersen (Vocals / Guitar), Jake Lopez (guitar) , Blake Waller (Bass) and Corey Backer (Drums) released their debut EP – Elements – early 2012.

Sink Swim - Photographer - Kaela Watso

Sink Swim – Photographer – Kaela Watso

In addition to the expected bubble-wrap Sink Swim is able to turn a hand to slower and more melancholic sounds which adds an interesting dimension to a band with-out which I would find little common ground. Resonating of high energy punches to the mid-riff the band delivers snappy rapidity in the main which catches the ear but doesn’t ensnare it, then with a deft side-step the sounds are driven by haunting melodic structures, which when combined with the enthusiastic delivery makes for an entrancing sound as I am drawn to images of a thoroughbred on the way down to the start-line, just wanting to gallop, but somehow trotting with grace and poise.

I must add that at any speed the band delivers a bass and drum combination in which I am very happy to lay my head, which does help with the more preppy-pop tracks that sit on the repertoire. It will be interesting to find out if how they develop the more serious music that the players are highly capable of playing.


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