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Silvermouse is the ambient-electro-acoustic duo of Miss Jojo (beat technician) and Justin Handley (electric guitar / violin / mandolin / didgeridoo and flute) from the emerged former mining ghost town to renowned arts centre of  Madrid in the USA.



Melding together two disparate backgrounds, Miss Jojo has her roots in the UK rave and Goa party scenes and Justin Handley is a classically trained musician, they deliver a spacious and intoxicating instrumental ambience. Perennially in the studio Silvermouse is an improvisational ‘as live’  band when in recording mode, with each player having mastered their distinct disciplines to deliver a sound that resonates of The Indian Sub-Continent, Ibiza and Haydn.

This music just needs time as to gain the full value of the material. Like the performance loops, this is best enjoyed in a continuous hour plus chunk of listening. With the broad spectrum of instruments to hand the duo is able to travel a winding journey which finds gypsy folk, the souks and psychedelia in the mix. Ever inventive, whilst there are no ‘traditional’ constructs in the out-put there is a defined direction, which enables the listener to readily appreciate the events unfolding.

It is the way that these two have combined their polar influences though dexterous improvisation and hone it to a sound that naturally feeds in to the cortex, taking over the head, that marks Silvermouse as a band well worth time getting to know.


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