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Shark Tape

Shark Tape is a three piece indie-rock band with more than a hint of shoegaze, from Philadelphia in the USA, made up of the trio of Stephen LorekNiles Weiss and Dylan Mulcahy who emerged from the embers of a previous entity with the aim if delivering a more mellow sound.

Shark Tape

Shark Tape

Lilting sounds wander in to the hearing range as Shark Tape deliver a complexity of music which defies the reality of three players. The material has an entrancing quality as the instruments merge one in to the other, delivering a sound which is both familiar and simultaneously new .

The vocal surges powerfully through the music adding a sharp definition to the band. These are highly competent song-writers who have learnt their craft well. With an eponymous release behind them and a further EP planned for June, Shark Tape will make for an interesting band to get to know.


The eponymous EP is available on Shark Tape - EP - Shark Tape*

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