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Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a solo electro-pop creator from Columbus in the USA.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

From time to time I just trip over something, usually ending up with bruised shins, but on this occasion I ended up with a big grin on my face. Bang on the 2:50 to 3:20 mark Ryan Smith delivers entrancing tempos which drill their way on to the hips forcing movement. This doesn’t attempt to break new ground or over complicate and it has no need to. Superbly judged compositions bounce out of the speakers like an eager puppy, wreathing anyone in listening space with a lightened mood.

Having disappeared for the past couple of years he has re-appeared with a sound that makes perfect sense. I am sure it will continue to be greeted with comments of mediocrity, which I guess is the difference between being a music fan and a corporate writer looking to say the ‘right thing’ about the ‘right publicity hungry ego trip with wedges of money behind it’.

Thanks Ryan Smith and please keep along this vein with the delightfully judged overall composition.


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