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Rug, from Orlando in the USA is a four-piece indie rock band comprising Jon Messeroff (vocals/guitar), Hogan Birney (bass/vocals), Andrew Brooks (guitar) and C.L. Freeman (drums).



There is a feeling of Americana Rock that inescapably slips out of the speakers and swaggers around the room before filling the room with a powerfully delivered and constructed lyrical and instrumental confidence. The music sits neatly in the space that makes this a hook for airplay, but it doesn’t sound as though they have compromised on the intentions of their out-put. Rug is not trying to break the mould, and that is no bad thing, little point in reinventing something that works well if that is your natural home-ground and I get the distinct impression that is the case here.

What marks the quartet out for inclusion on the website is the subtlety of the music, if you take time to let the slick production slide away the lyric explores a well written and vocally delivered story-line and the music surrounds that story with a relevant backdrop which pulls the tracks to a point of creative relevance. Rug is also able to wander over a broad space in their chosen ground, so you aren’t left with the feeling of – heard this on the last track.


The recently released LP – 02 is available on 02 - Rug*

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