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RTystic x Seismic x Mammyth

RTystic (MC), Seismic (MC) and Mammyth (producer / engineer / DJ) are three electronic experimental hip-hop musicians from Milwaukee in the USA who collaborate from time to time and released a 15 track LP – Channel 3 in the summer of 2012.

RTystic x Seismic x Mammyth

RTystic x Seismic x Mammyth

I didn’t need to add these are hip-hop artists, you just know that by the title of the article. Mammyth we have come across tangentially previously as he has worked with Klassik who was reviewed back in August 2012. So although my usual sense of trepidation towards receiving an email in the genre was in place, I had some hopes and they were pleasingly realised.

Electronic as a differentiator for a hip-hop sound – you may wonder if I have lost the plot. The electronics here are experimental in nature and the real strength of the sound as the listener is transported into the world of video-games and intergalactic exploration and it is the engineering that adds the value. Scoping out the territory in which the collective weave their path the audience finds themselves feeling that they are travelling in a virtual world with the voices providing a commentary to the journey.

This is a collaboration who add a refreshing dynamic to hip-hop with the out-put effectively creating minds-eye visualisations which is not that common in what is best known as a down-to earth ‘feel sorry for me’ genre.

So – ignore some of the language references and take an engaging journey with three evidently talented creators and I hope they take this direction of experimentation further.

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