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Reverb Adrenaline

Reverb Adrenaline is the duo of Jacob Chadwell and Tyson Lepinsk from Missoula in the USA with a blend of psychedelia.

Reverb Adrenaline

Reverb Adrenaline

Well, well – once again we find ourselves in that conundrum of the difference between American and English. I can feel the adrenalin coursing though my blood as I listen to Reverb Adrenaline and more than that, with a population of only 67 000

for the second time this month I find myself heading over to Missoula and what a different space that it is to OverTime.

Shutter the windows, rack up the volume and hold tight for a journey with plenty of feedback drilling like a dentists saw in to your ears. I have had tinnitus ringing through my ears all day, now it has gone thanks to the even higher pitched nails on blackboard. These two are superbly pitched to do as music should, make your ears bleed and they deliver it on cue. Alternatively you could tone down the volume and just enjoy a delightful ride with material that wraps the brain in foil and sends shocks down the spine. There is no way of getting over it; The band delivers precisely what is promised in the name and they do it with style.

This is a creative space and the listener is left with the sense that they have had a recreation of a Klarwein being promulgated over the ears. Permitting themselves plenty of time to deliver the sounds with which they wish to transfix Reverb Adrenaline is a context in which to wallow.


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