Reboot The Robot

Back in 2008, Jonathan Ware from Cheyenne in Wyoming in the USA emerged as Reboot The Robot, a vehicle to release his compositions in acoustic format.

Reboot The Robot

Reboot The Robot

Johnathan Lawrence, has created an interesting antithesis between his visual persona and the musical output, as Reboot The Robot rips open the emotional context, with depth and thoughtfulness, whilst the visual composition projects a clichéd plasticine. It is that very reason that I was drawn to this solo project. Is the music a send-up of his exterior or vice-versa.

Ranging across themes of relationship turmoil, this is a fetid centre of music for many solo-artists, which in most cases purely exposes not only why their emotional life is riven with failure, but also why no-one wishes to play in a band with them. Jonathan however, transcends that putrid cesspool and creates an ambiguity which musically I couldn’t spend a life time listening too, makes for an intriguing juxtaposition. In other words, precisely the style of independent artists, who I enjoy writing about – Challenging, interesting and relevant.


With three releases behind Reboot The Robot -  the latest – This Heart Was a Bomb is available on *This Heart Was A Bomb - Reboot the Robot

For regular readers of the blog, sorry for the slow updates and lack of live reviews, but my friend Julie is still in hospital so that is where I am spending most of my time.

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