Poppa’s Kitchen

Poppa’s Kitchen is a folk rock duo from Silver Lake in the USA. Steve Feldman and Bob Romanus have been busy over the years releasing 7 CDs, their latest LP Just So You Know came out in mid 2012.

Poppa's Kitchen

Poppa’s Kitchen

Whilst it may come as a surprise to find this on the website, there is an enthralling lyrical content to the material and although it doesn’t sit naturally in my ears, the musical compositions are also somewhat moreish.

Steeped in Americana, Poppa’s Kitchen are able to get away from the sugary sentiment that lays across this genre in the normal circumstance as they swerve towards the more ’60s end of the spectrum when the compositions resonated of critical eyes casting their wary glances against blind conformity.

The song-writing skills and musical ability is evident and it is just a question of, if this isn’t a natural hunting ground, do the duo have enough to add and in my opinion yes they do. I am particularly impressed by the way in which, despite years in the industry their music retains the enthusiastic soul of a brand new band at their first practice.

Quite evidently this wont sit on my everyday playlist, but on the occasions of scratching through the Dylan, Baez, Cash etc. acrimony then I could quite easily find Poppa’s Kitchen not sitting out of place.


Just So You Know is available on Just So You Know - Poppa's Kitchen*

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