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Pilesar is the solo electro-pop singer-songwriter Jason Mullinax from Takoma Park in the USA.



Reaching in to the depths of disco vibes of the early ’80s, Pilesar rips out the guts and turns it in to a creative space in which simple synths are stretched and tempos reworked. There is much akin to Kraftwerk in structure, but Jason adds a twist of lemon zest to the sound before it dashes out of the speakers.

The precise delivery indicates someone who spends considerable time getting the material to sound ‘right’ before it becomes a finished product, that said it doesn’t loose any sense of freshness and enthusiasm because of that. Working with a range of instrumental and synthetic sounds Pilesar is able to maintain a sense of interest throughout tracks. Ever busy creating, the out-put also wanders in to the surreal experimental space and it is here that the real creativity of Mullinax is given best breathing space. Tracks regress through the loops and spaces widen, yet throughout it all there is a very precise decay which rests the brain. It is this absolute focus on timing that is the hallmark of the sound and when he intentionally and obviously steps away from the progressions that the this out-put makes the audience to take a sharper listen to the music.

It is not easy taking a very simplistic structure and adding a creative value, yet this is precisely the arena in which Pilesar excels. Stereospace – a fourteen track LP was released in mid 2012, through his label - Chameleon Dish Archives. It often amazes me how so many Solo musicians seem able to keep as many balls in the air as they do. When playing live Jason enlists help to deliver the full sound of his recordings.


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