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Phantasm is a theatre-rock trio from Philadelphia in the USA, who had a new eight track release Impossible Machines come out on 7th May 2012. Jay YachettaAaron White and Steven Rosplock have a reputation for unusual instrumentation and an engaging live loops on stage.



The band is at core heavy rock based, but they add a layer of theatrics which goes beyond making the music louder and more aggressive, rather pare it back-wards and on listening one could imagine this to be a score to a Rock Musical. I have had the pleasure of taking a listen to the new release Impossible Machines, which is a fine showcase to the breadth of material with which the band toys and the whole is an interesting half an hour or so of material which passes all to quickly.

Phantasm contains strong players in a trio who are able to leave the audience convinced they have just witnessed more than the three members of the band. The music filtrates through complex constructions which are delivered with confidence.

The music can take a full sound system work-out or equally resonate at lower decibels as it delivers a well rounded and tight connection between the three members with a sound which plays as a solid framework.


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