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Otis Gibson and the Rockhounds

Once in a while the need to indulge inveigles and so we find Otis Gibson and the Rockhounds from Glen Rock in the USA. Chris Marksbury (instruments) and Dan Black (vocals) found a connection in which to reflect on life on the line.

Otis Gibson and the Rockhounds

Otis Gibson and the Rockhounds

Had a smile as I found myself sinking in to the calming cushions of American Rock, yet the springs demanded attention and so my ears took a further listen. With Otis Gibson and the Rockhounds we find an angst of a life that may have been, as the muted accompaniment adds a depth of sobriety to the sentiently constructed compositions which reverberate of a world gone awry and somehow this blend of Slide and Country blends in to a cornucopia of enthusiasm.

My spirits were some-what deflated after a 19 hour day and more than one glass of wine, yet now I feel I am able to go for another day or so. This is the music you need to rack in to the system on a long drive. The toes tap around the speed limit and the breeze flies through the hair, yet there is a grounding which brings the road trip back to sense.

Thanks for giving me a glimpse Chris, let’s not hide behind the bushels any-more.



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