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1,2,3 from Pittsburgh in the USA is - Nic Snyder (vocal / guitar), Josh Sickels (drums / percussion), Mike Yamamoto (guitar / keyboard) and Chad Monticue (bass / vocal / glockenspiel) a quartet who grind out that gritty realism you expect from their home territory.



Urban edged industrial influences resonate through 1,2,3, there is no pretentiousness here, just rugged sounds smoothed by a soulful refection. The band play their way through some driven sounds to which they append a softer feel through muting and additional instrumentation, then bringing the whole piece back half a speed, to create an interesting out-put.

1,2,3 are capable players who  have managed to rattle the cages of rock constructs with a touch of empathy and humanity to leave the listener touched by the music which racks with emotional stresses. The expected drive from bass and percussion is to be heard, but the guitar is held down as the band allow themselves to take the time to develop their tracks and the vocal wrestles with lyric of confusion and frailty.


After the earlier release of their debut LP New Heaven earlier in 2011, 1,2,3 have just released an EP Scared, but not that scared, which is available on Scared, But Not That Scared - Single - 1,2,3*

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