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Once Okay Twice

Once Okay Twice is an indie-rock band from Washington DC in the USA. The four-piece line-up comprises - Ian Thomas (Vocals),  Tyler Elliott (Guitar), Nick Hardt (Bass) and Nic Iraci (Drums).

Once Okay Twice

Once Okay Twice

I was intrigued by the name as it sounds like half a phrase or a missing comma. But were that all I had to say it really would be a brief review. Once Okay Twice has an interesting tweak to the genre of indie rock as a more soulful sound is blended in to the mix, yet it equally can be hurled in to the room while causing the speakers to clatter in their boxes. There is a certain wistful quizzical reflective that lies embeded in the material that holds the ears. Almost sounding as though you would expect to hear this to be delivered by a wizened sage from the porch in the evening, there is equally an energetic youthfulness that pulls it to the current space.

Once Okay Twice has taken a direction of travel that adds considerable creative value to a genre saturated with sameness and come-up with something that challenges the listener to take a new stance. Single notes peel out of the guitars which rebound against jazz free-style drumming, a synth and a vocal that only a rock singer could possess. It is a sound which is well worth taking time to become familiar.


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