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Off Orbit

Off Orbit from Miami in the USA is Moises Jimenez (bass/ lead vocals), Marcos Jimenez (lead guitar / vocals), Jonathan Colorado (Drums), Mike Rodriguez (Drums) and Angel Cerdeiras (Percussion) plus guests with their eclectic mix of soul blues funk.

Off Orbit

Off Orbit

I am sure you, like I, wander past in a bleary ear of indifference as this genre fills the wallpaper paste of elevator music, but from time to time something cocks the ear and so I find myself with Off Orbit. The quintet – plus – have grasped the essential sounds of their mix-tape and weave from the loom a luxurious blend that settles like a cashmere pair of socks on the feet – hardly felt but somehow comforting at the same time.

There are no envelopes pushed and a mellow rhythm that emanates from the speakers, yet it is the melding of the styles which could have become a mush that they have been able to lift to a soft sheen that catches the senses. There is a fine line between – Was that music playing? and  - What was that music playing? – and Off Orbit nestle with comfort on the right-side of the question.

I don’t expect the band to shake the world order, but sometimes that isn’t important and it is just good to hear people enjoying what they are doing, as they do it well. No, it will never sit on my play-lists, but that doesn’t mean it won’t sit on yours.

It is thanks to bands like Off Orbit that the world of being a music journalist remains such an intriguing space in which to lay, so I would like to raise a glass and say – thanks for reaching out and making contact and I wish you every success and please keep on doing what you are doing.


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