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Northern Valentine

Northern Valentine is a Philadelphia, USA, based ambient rock band. Having started life at the tail end of last century as a collective, which centres around: Robert Brown(guitars), Amy Brown (keyboards, violin), Jeffrey Bumiller (guitars) and Matthew Primak (keyboards).

Northern Valentine

Northern Valentine

There is no hurry with Northern Valentine, their latest release, Fin de siècle, due out in April is a 7 track EP with 45 minutes of music to digest.

The music can be left to run as a backdrop to a great evening, without becoming wallpaper or equally serves as a focus for intense cogitation. On both levels the music burrows in to the mind leading to a mysterious and yet approachable core. The musicians have used the intervening years superbly to hone their skills and the silky feel flows smoothly in to the room, with no extraneous effort.

It would be easy for this depth of composition to leave the listener bewildered or bored, Northern Valentine achieve neither low-points as the shifting patterns throughout the tracks transfix the brains waves, setting a gentle syncopation between listener and players. The music has that texture of wafting smoke caught in sunlight. Physically not possible to hold, yet the particles engage the mind.


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