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Much Too Much

Much Too Much is an alternative indie rock band from Detroit in the USA comprising Mark Dabrowski (Vocals / Guitar / keys), Joe Rath (Guitar), Mike Ryan (Guitar / instruments), Alex Maggetti (Bass) and Brandon Haworth(Drums)

Much Too Much

Much Too Much

The starting point with Much To Much is the ears immediately know they are listening to a band that gels well together. This gives the music a high degree of confidence and smoothness, however that doesn’t belie from the originality and well put together tracks, which are not smooth for airplays sake, but in fact are simple constructs to which they add a gloss to finish. It is this ability to take the basic framework, keep it as the core of the sound, yet create high-falutin sounds to emerge from the speakers a band of some considerable power.

I regularly extol the virtues of blowing out the speakers and although the sounds can take a burst of volume, on this occasion, rather than racking up the noise as-though  downing a shot, far better to tamp the noise controls and like drinking a fine wine, let it flow gently to garner the most from what is on offer.

A range of influences can be heard in the sounds the Much Too Much generate ranging through the ’60s, ’70s and to current sounds, they are able to wrap it all together and generate something that has immediate currency.


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