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Mr. Meeble

Nathan’s thoughts on Mr. Meeble – an electronic out-fit from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA; comprising of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Rick Heins. The trio has an interesting sound; as with a lot of ‘chilled’ electro, it’s a hard sound to dislike.

Mr. Meeble

Mr. Meeble

The songs are well constructed and very professional sounding, leading me to believe they’re somewhat experienced at what they do. It is always a pleasure to hear artists that know what they want to be, and how to deliver it!

The new EP Nostalgic For Now is very diverse, shifting from upbeat Pop songs such as Star Power, into much slower more Trip Hop tracks such as Gift (in particular listen out for the beautiful female vocals). This is a welcome variation to un-trained ears in this genre, such as mine. With artists such as Mr. Meeble there is always a danger that tracks can merge into one another, however they avoid this with ease by means of every song holding its own.

From what I know about Mr. Meeble, with their impressive stage shows and ‘custom-made infrared-projection bodysuit’ (first time I’ve heard that phrase), seem they know what they are doing and appear to be a complete package.For me, the stand out track on the EP is Star Power which I can imagine being blasted out of a trendy Shoreditch bar.


Nostalgic for Now is available on Nostalgic for Now - Mr. Meeble*

There is undoubtedly a market for what Mr. Meeble do and provided they have a bit of luck, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until that market is reached!

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*Purchases made through the Nostalgic for Now - Mr. Meeble link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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