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Mike Colin

Mike Colin is an alternative indie singer songwriter from Denver in the USA.

Mike Colin

Mike Colin

It was with some consternation that I met the email from Mike describing himself as an Electroacoustic Rock, Rap and Reggae music artist. So it was with a vague headache I opened the link to take a listen – but it has always been a cast iron guarantee that all music will be listened to and I was delighted that I had made that promise, instead of a cacophony of noise and obscure rap, I was met with a musician of some considerable talent.

Utilising: Vocals; Guitar; Bass; Synth; Drum Triggers and; Drum Machine – Mike Colins plays to his strengths – with a slightly muted recording level the panoply of sounds are transmuted to a transfixing out-put that pulls the listener like a magnet to the whirlpool of music. Simply constructed material is laden with effects and mutations to deliver a sound that has the grace and elegance of a well designed bouquet of flowers and needs to be listened to in a quiet moment of concentration to be fully appreciated.

Not a drop too much material is added to the tracks which retain an easy to gather sound, yet with sufficient textures to draw in the listener to travel along the path that Mike Colins lays as a breadcrumb trail. There is a recognizable direction of travel, but like a good tour guide the combination of electronics and traditional rock instruments transmute to an evocative and well paced delivery. For sure there are hints of all of his introduction, but they are all melted in to the one pot and we find some sort of alchemy occurring as the delivered product is far more than the sum of its parts.

With a new 6 track LP - Earth Ocean Drift – coming out at the end of January 2013, there is much more on offer by a talented creator called Mike Colin.


The Great Blue is available on The Great Blue - Single - Mike Colin*

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