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Magic Trick

Out of San Fransisco in the USA, Magic Trick is  – Tim Cohen (A little bit of everything) Noelle Cahill (Angel Voices and other things)
Alicia Vanden Heuvel (Angel Voices and more) and James Kim (Drums and things).

With a new 4 track – The Glad Birth of Love – having just been released which lasts for 3/4 of an hour, it is safe to say they are a band for whom time needs to be set aside.

Magic Trick

Magic Trick

The outfit exude confidence as they take to listener on a journey through expansive lyric, layers of wafting acoustic blues and a sense of timelessness. Magic Trick generate textured music, which has hallmarks of far gone festivals interspersed with stories of currency. They are able to take simple chords and ramp them to a joss-stick of gently whisping smoke.

This is music for a dreamy balmy summer afternoon, engaging without demanding too much from the audience, the band carry out all the hard work, leaving the ears to gently wallow in calmness.

It is unhurried, without becoming turgid, as fuzzy guitar is sentiently joined by percussion, which permits the floating vocal to express the storyline, creating a sense of well-being, something like having had a meditation session I would guess.

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Update 23td August 2011

The Glad Birth of Love is now available on The Glad Birth of Love - Magic Trick*

*Purchases made through the The Glad Birth of Love - Magic Trick link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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