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Madlife a rock band from Los Angeles in the USA is Angry Phill (vocals), Isaiah Stuart (guitars), Kyle Cunningham (drums), and Carlos Pagan (bass).

Madlife is a rock band from the USA


Having undergone various iterations since their formation in 2000 one thing has remained constant, a hard driving rock to accompany a lyric seething an anger. Remaining resolutely independent it is a pleasure to find a band who after thirteen years of being inside the world of cynicism that is the music business Madlife rise resolutely above it, firing with the same enthusiasm and belief as when they first set out.

Their time on the road and in studios over the intervening years has enabled the music to develop and Madlife are able to produce immense invective within a surprisingly accessible sound. It would have been easy for the band to transition into another bland Stadium Rock outfit, but they have avoided this cliché and inside the wrapping of production values lies a sound with a beating heart.

The material has developed like a fine wine and in the same way has become more powerful over time as the flavours have mixed together. I introduce Madlife not as a new band or even particularly emerging, but as a band that can capture new audiences during the constant evolution of their sounds and a great example of how with the right attitude an independent act can remain true to the spirit of why they got involved in music in the first place whilst developing as artists.


21st Century Megalomaniac – EP – Madlife is available on iTunes.*

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