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Little Dove

Little Dove is the indie rock duo of Vanja James (Guitar Vocals) and Dylan Cooper (Drums) from Los Angeles in the USA.

Little Dove

Little Dove

I was keen to introduce Little Dove for a few reasons, predominately of course for the music – but also…

Their first gig was only 8 days ago (4th April 2013) at The Viper Room, have already gained TV exposure, have a catalogue of music, a live EP recording….  A home made drum-kit  which includes items such as a Clothes Hamper and a Salad Bowl which Dylan calls The Drumster…. An EP in production, a US tour scheduled and a European tour in planning…. An EPK, which makes the whole process of finding out about the band readily available…

The very essence of a band who have ambition and are doing all the hard work necessary to ensure the only thing will that hold them back is if the music sucks – and it doesn’t…

With the two players and unique drum-kit there is a stark sound to the music that heightens the material to a space that entrances and captivates. Simple pared back rock that spills of emotional context and the essence of the spirit of indie music. The percussion resonates of that primitive dance that still lives within us ensuring the listener becomes engaged with the sound and just wants to join in while circling the flickering firelight.

I look forward to catching up with Little Dove in the future as the duo develop further.

Video of First live performance.


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