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Liquid Casing

Liquid Casing from Houston in the USA is a progressive rock band comprising Alvaro Rodriguez (Guitars / Lead Vocals), Okikiolu Olufokunbi (Sax / Keys), Jim Stettner (Bass / Vocals) and John Pitale (Drums / Percussion).

Liquid Casing

Liquid Casing

Liquid Casing deliver a style of music which demands interaction by the listener and it is worth taking the time to get in-tune with their output. Inside the melange of angry twists and turns lies some skilled composition as instruments make fleeting appearances adding a note of discord as the lyric battles with societal-disconnect.

The audience is taken on a journey of stoical resistance as the music portrays the megalith that is the State and rumbling underneath is the voice of the alternative direction of travel. Songs draw influences from across the world with some, evoking thoughts of the march of imperialism seeking to trample over the freedom of expression, other times the music takes a more subtle direction with the jigsaw puzzle of the piece being subsumed within a wall of confusion. Whilst loosely bannered under progressive rock Liquid Casing bear virtually no resemblance to the origination as the sounds are very much of the here and now with a strong political undertow.

As I mentioned in the opening remarks, give yourself the space to get to know the music and you will find a high level of musical ability and a coherence which emerges the longer you listen. It is with pleasure I introduce Liquid Casing.


A Separate Divide – Liquid Casing is available on iTunes*.

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