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Leaving Venus

Leaving Venus is a rock band from Hickory in the USA. Michael Miller (Guitar / Vocals), Thomas Grell (Bass / Vocals) and Chris Cornwell (Drums / Vocals) spin out creative rock ballads with deft capability.

Leaving Venus

Leaving Venus

Oh how times change. When I was growing up, the focus of fantastical, but possibly achievable space exploration was Mars, but judging by the number of occurrence of Venus on the site, it seems that the NASA trips now demand a further planet. Leaving Venus pour Funk, Soul, Blues and rock influences in the smelter and out emerges bars of gold.

The trio are able to create a powerful sound-track, which simultaneously doesn’t have the need to blow out the ear-drum, as the muted material possesses a depth belying the fact there are only three musicians involved. Rolling thunder rumbles through the sound as the guitar weaves, yet, they retain sufficient control to ensure it doesn’t all just spill over in to some hazy self-extravagance. Not to be out-done the drum-kit is given the occasional run-out, but once again this is delivered within the context of the over-all song structure.

Leaving Venus has much to offer a breadth of music fans, as the material doesn’t attempt to cram itself in to one specific mutation, rather, the trio are capable of moving away from the core sound and still deliver something which demands consideration.


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