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Lazyeyes from Brooklyn in the USA is Alex TararakaJason AbrishamiPaul Volpe and Jeremy Sampson who revel in lo-fi garage rock.


Lazyeyes – image © Danny Krug 2012

With an EP in the wings I look forward to having the opportunity to hear more, but from what I have had the chance to listen to – this is a decent sounding quartet.

The waving rolls of sound suit the band name well, or vice-versa.  Akin to digging in to soft snow when carving out a night bivvy in the mountains the further you dig  - the more compact it becomes: So we find with Lazyeyes; The fluffy clouds which pour out of the speakers are sharply followed by a concentrate of solid foundation and a hammer blow of iron lyric is suddenly crashing off the walls, all seemingly at first glance wrapped in cotton-wool.

I particularly enjoy when a band is able to wrap their invective in a bubble wrap and deliver the same knock-out blow that the thundering power-drives of 3 minutes of raw anger throw in to the room.

Lazyeyes is still in developmental stage so it will be interesting to hear how they choose to deliver their take on the world in the coming months. Somehow I feel there will be an even more sophisticated camouflaged wrapping as they develop their sound. I hope the quartet don’t loose the clouds of smoke along the way.


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