Landmarks is Stephen, Andrew, Matt, Drew and Kevin a psychedelic rock band from Chicago in the USA.

Landmarks - psychedelic rock from the USA.


No matter how hard you to try to find volume switch 11, Landmarks, will always remain a muted out-put. Demanding of full attention to catch the fluttering whispers of sound that float tantalising close to the ears.

Whilst you will oft find me bemoaning the myopic butterfly goldfish attention span of the MTV generation, there is one genre which has gained immensely by becoming more compacted and that is Psychedelic rock. Long gone are the 40 minute excursions into some obscure self-indulgent acid trip. In its place the current day listener finds material that has a defined formulation and it sounds so much better for it.

Landmarks layer textures and colours together in a mesmerising kaleidoscope of sounds which entrance the brain, lifting the audience in billowing clouds of sound that float around the room, taking the mind, on what seems like an extended journey which, in reality, lasts in the main barely over five minutes.

Relatively new on the scene, Landmarks has been able to capture the essence of all that is good about the style and turn it into an exceptional output which contains the  depth and ability to snare the mind in the images being created by the gently expressed melodies that whisper around the head. Each track contains delightful effects and notes which can be replayed over and again with each hearing invoking something new.


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