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Klassik is a solo hip-hop jazz musician from Milwaukee in the USA.



Early on Saturday morning as I type, I find myself somewhat surprised by the world as I listen to a fusion of Jazz and hip-hop, two genres I struggle with, but my face is wreathed in a smile. A highly proficient alto-sax and pianoforte player, Klassik has taken the social isolation of hip-hop, melded it with the showmanship of jazz and reveals it in the more familiar construct of the inclusive rock format. While that may sound like an improbable scenario, it is a superb sound on the ear, with that complexity yet easy pleasure of a glass of Merlot. Interestingly one of the releases is called Cabernet, which I think is a harsher and less accessible flavour, albeit more widely used variety than Merlot. Sometimes I find it very easy to get distracted, so with a sense of focus – Klassik.

With a trained musical ear, he is able to bring out the best in the musical styles to generate a sound which will have wide appeal. With an ever growing track list and a debut LP  - In the Making – set for release on 25th September 2012, Klassik is without doubt one to follow. He does play collaborations and it will be interesting to see if he decides to tie up with additional permanent fixtures over the longer term, which will free him up to perhaps take his talent as a musician and composer to new spaces.

More than that how could I not like a musician who features at 1:45 and 2:15 into a video - a prominently displayed bottle of Bombay Sapphire.


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