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JoyFocus is the duet of  Holly Joy and Rikk Currence an indie pop band from Wheaton in the USA.

JoyFocus is an indie pop band from the USA


I have absolute respect for these two as they don’t hide from a comfortable middle class American Suburban derivation as they deliver a sound that challenges the mores of the picket fences around.

Splicing invective, but at once supporting a status quo JoyFocus may well sit tangentially to my own political point of view, but that is irrelevant, this is music to enjoy of its very sense of freedom to explore within the boundaries, much like a puppy on a leash, delightful for its exuberance.

The duo are able to rattle up a thumping resonance which more than tickles the ears as the lyrics seek to extend the boundaries to the point of inflexibility before rebounding back to the playground, which they steal as their own and take the territory. There is nothing wrong with being the middle of the ground so long as you don’t pretend to be anything else so long as you do it with conviction and JoyFocus do this with alacrity as they joyfully offer a space in which we can all survive.

This is music to enjoy of the moment and the duo do it with delight as they playfully range a stream of creativity which captivates for the mesmeric instrumental. Would the sound of JoyFocus sound stronger with more players, certainly on live performance, but for now that seems of less import, time will tell.


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