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Hello Vegas

Hello Vegas from Los Angeles in the USA is a rock quartet made up of Adam Reiter (Vocal / Guitar), Jason Pavilanis (Bass), Zach Davis (Drums) and Jesse Gurtis (Guitar).

Hello Vegas

Hello Vegas

The band has a new LP No One Knows which sees them on a new lease of life. The big rock sound that is Hello Vegas, is made far more accessible to a wider audience by the slight paring back of the tempo, which enables the band to glide majestically through their material. The thumping drums, of course sound well in my ears, speaking of which my tinnitus has now cleared up of its own accord, a bit like when a head-ache wears off, for some inexplicable reason everything seems different, then you remember the irritation.

There is always a danger to music fans that such elegantly played rock music sounds a little tame, but with a nice side-step Hello Vegas inject sufficient earthy determination to maintain an edge to out-put. I am drawn to the guitars, which sing out in a quick-step of chord changes, each playing off the other with purpose. The bass neatly folds the music together and a distinctive vocal rounds off the quartet.

This is an ideal band to take a listen to at home with a glass of fizz, I have been led to believe that in performance they shine on-stage and I would envisage their wide open rock would play well at festivals.


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