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Friday Avenue

Alyx (Bass), Omar (Drums), Dave (Guitar)and Morris (vocal) make up the alternative indie band Friday Avenue from Brownsville in the USA. With an eponymous EP and an LP – Shallow Pockets behind them, the members of Friday Avenue are currently working on a follow-up LP, whilst they continue to hit the road.


Friday Avenue

Friday Avenue

Good old rock guitar riffs rip through the room, whilst an edgy vocal is accompanied by driven drum and penetrating bass. The band play well  together and give each other the room to do their thing, whilst working in coaptation.

They switch neatly between preppy rock and veering towards goth, whilst all the time maintaining a balance to the material that retains a core and recognizable sound. Playing around with tempos and delivery, permits the band to deliver something above the playing field which slips comfortably in to the ears.

As regular reads will know I don’t often remark on lead guitar as being the rising marker, not for any reason other than I am more focussed on the bass end of the spectrum, but with Friday Avenue a hat needs to be raised to great delivery from Dave. I would imagine it takes all the bands energy to ensure he doesn’t wander off on a 25 minute solo section, the compromise, they do let him have a little wander in many tracks, but it is held back and sits within the structure of the piece.

Vocally the strength lies in the harder pieces, though a sterling effort is made when required to pare back. As for the drum, well clean sharp and highly defined, which packs a power to Friday Avenue. The Bass lines are snappy and hold the material together and my speakers enjoy thumping to the beat resonating from the thick strings.

Having run round the individual players, the band works because it is a band – a case of one plus one times two equalling more than four.

I look forward to hearing more of Friday Avenue.


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