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Float The Witch

Float The Witch is an alternative indie rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Carmelina Lista (Vocals), Brian Roy (Bass), Ben Petty (Guitar) and Anthony Freda (Drums) spent some time in the studio over the summer of 2012 to produce their Eponymous EP.

Float The Witch

Float The Witch

The plangent sound-waves that wend their way in to the ears ooze of dripping oil paints as the mysterious trail of sounds painted by Float The Witch wend their way across the room from speaker to brain lend the listener to surge forward to catch the stream. There is an interesting out-reach by the quartet as lyrics are delivered on occasion in French and Spanish and for sure this is a sound that sits well in Europe, but intriguingly rather than delivering English vocals to match the Euro-flavours, when lyrics are delivered in the connecting language of much music the home-based American vernacular predominates, not an issue, merely an intrigue to my mind.

I could sit for many hours cosseted in the embrace of the band as the music has a sublime reflective between bass and drum, whilst the guitar adds accents and the vocal, which on first step sounds rigid is on familiarity, as fluid as the instruments. The songs pull in a diversity of influences which Float The Witch is able to deliver on to the audience with a darkened coherence of gently floating notes underscored by edgy foundations which ripple throughout delivery.

A band which would sit well on either side of the Atlantic or North or South of the Panama Canal and I hope they get the chance to tour across their natural listening base in due course.


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