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Fanfic is a two piece Electro-pop band from San Antonio – USA. RanDingo 777 8===D and Joe Green are relatively new off the blocks and by the sounds emerging are a duo to keep an eye on.



Aside from the music, Joe also doubles as a writer, political researcher and activist – so how could I not instantly develop a sense of warmth towards Fanfic.

This is not some weird transatlantic interpretation of  a strong genre, Fanfic have some interesting new input to add to the world of electro-pop. The listener is transported to a dance-floor in the middle of Berlin, as the warming tones wrap around the room. The duo are skilled musicians who have been able to bridge the Atlantic with lyrics and music meeting in a sonic boom. By combining their abilities on a range of instruments and technology, they have been able to deliver far more than can be reasonably expected from a new band.

This has precisely the right gravitas to appeal to the more melancholic, while sufficient up-beat tempo to retain an audience looking for some swirling beats.

Touchmachine by fanfic


I look forward to hearing Fanfic further develop their euro-pop sound.

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