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Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White from the USA, writes songs of deep reflection drawn from her upbringing in Fort Bragg, California and is influenced by Blues, Folk and mythology. Her output of sad reflective songs is something she feels drawn to and not something she wishes toshie away from. Touring extensively both in the USA and Europe, the band comprises: Emily Jane White (vocals/guitar/piano), Ross Harris (drums), Henry Nagle (guitar/pedal steel),  Jen Grady (cello/vocals), Carey Lamprecht (violin/vocals) and Jake Mann (bass).

Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White

The gothic folk and mesmerising voice draw the listener immediately into the brooding atmosphere that is Emily Jane White. The music paints pictures of a misty and dank atmosphere, with the reverberating lyric carving a light in the gloom.

With a heavy emphasis on the lower range of notes, which as readers will know, immediately has me reaching for the play button, reinforcing the powerful music, it is of no surprise that the band have a loyal and intense following. The lyric, reflecting politics, death and dying is predominately abstract, which draws the listener, well this one anyway, deeper in to the music, creating their own interpretation and imagery.

While that may all seem hugely depressing, that is far for the case, the music is many ways cathartic and leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for what lies ahead, no mean feat for such intense musical out-put.

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Currently on tour until the end of February 2010 in Europe, Emily Jane White is well worth catching live. I will get the full tour dates up later in the week. Bird on the Wire have details of the gig on 22nd February at The Slaughtered Lamb.

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