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Elephantom from Boston in the USA, are a six piece band comprising Matt Aucoin (piano, keyboards, vocals, orchestral arrangements), Mike Cotter (bass, guitar), Trudie Kaiser (vocals, guitar),  Sam Pearce (trumpet, vocals, guitar), Nick Pope (drums, vocals, guitar) and Zack Trahan (guitar, bass). Having been around since 2006, the band has evolved and focus on creating music which reflects moods and thoughts. With visual artists, poets and songwriters in the band, Elephantom,  who have been around since 2006 focus on the creative mood of their output.

Elephantom courtesy of Chris Bergenheim

Elephantom courtesy of Chris Bergenheim

With a name inspired by Salvador Dali, it is of little surprise that listening to Elephantom takes me on a wide and inspiring journey. Listening to their music, is akin to mixing paints in a pot. The base instrumental starts the theme, additional instruments are added, and while it sounds like an interesting swirl, it is as the song evolves that the whole dimension is created.

On first listening to the band, I was intrigued, by what seemed to be a fairly distinctive orchestral influence, immersed in a fusion rock guise, and in many ways I heard Holst, in some of the work. Elephantom have a superb depth and breadth to their output, which challenges the listener, as constructs and speeds constantly change. This is far more than experimentation for the sake of it, as the themes develop to a definitive conclusion.

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As the band continues to evolve, it will be interesting how far they can take their mix of structured orchestration and sparking off shoots. With three releases behind them, a stack of unreleased material and six songwriters in the mix and members ranging from the age of 18 to 21, I would expect that as long as the band keep enjoying doing what they do, they can continue to stretch the audience.

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13 Responses to “Elephantom”
  1. Mark says:

    yaa elephantom. band of the month

  2. Robert Lang says:

    i vote for elephantom!

  3. Case says:

    I vote for Elephantom.

  4. mr. me says:

    you guys are great. i look forward to the day when you unseat u2 as the premier touring band in the world.

  5. C. G. Tuttle says:

    I vote for Elephantom

  6. Bob Sinicrope says:

    I vote for Elephantom for Band of the Month


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